Free Speech

Free speech issues have made up some of the most politically charged and hotly contested topics on college campuses in the past few years.  Colleges and universities often serve the competing masters of constitutionally protected expression, academic freedom, the safety and security of their campus communities, and intense media scrutiny.  In this environment, higher education institutions require experienced guidance and reliable assistance when addressing issues of free expression. 

The Education Practice at HMBR is uniquely well-equipped to counsel clients through the entanglement of those competing interests, responsibilities, and legal requirements.  Our lawyers not only have a thorough understanding of the law and the constitutional principles involved, but also possess the unique experience of being on the front lines of this issue: as practicing attorneys and as educators.  Whether providing training sessions on academic freedom and free speech issues, creating new campus expression policies, or assisting you in meeting the challenges of an unexpected crisis, HMBR attorneys assist clients in achieving their goals of fostering an academically rigorous and intellectually challenging environment, as well as one that is safe, welcoming, and where all community members feel valued.