Student Affairs

The College and Its Community: Helping Universities Manage a Diverse Range of Student Issues

Navigating the wide range of student affairs issues that arise on today’s college campuses can be a daunting task for educational institutions.  The attorneys at HMBR appreciate the difficult task schools face as they aim to comply with continually evolving legal and regulatory requirements impacting the campus environment.  Our lawyers represent public and private colleges, for-profit schools, and other educational providers in a full range of student affairs matters, including:

We help clients put measures into place that prevent student affairs problems from surfacing and escalating out of control.  Our lawyers offer a broad scope of services, from reviewing and revising institutional policies and procedures to training of faculty, staff and administration to advising schools facing U.S. Department of Education, accrediting body, and other regulatory actions and investigations.  We also represent institutions in federal and state court litigation involving all types of student affairs issues and challenges.

The attorneys in our practice recognize that school officials are often forced to operate in a myopic environment, focusing on resolving the particular student affairs crisis of the day.  We help our education clients see the bigger picture.  Our attorneys draw upon decades of collective experience in the public and private educational sectors to provide institutions with the comprehensive advice they need to view matters more globally.  In doing so, we help our clients develop sound solutions that resolve the current crisis and prevent future student affairs problems from surfacing.