Education Law

Comprehensive Legal Representation for All Kinds of Educational Institutions

Hogan Marren Babbo & Rose, Ltd. is recognized as a leading national law firm in the field of education law.  The attorneys in our Education Practice work with schools and institutions across the country and internationally to address the wide array of critical regulatory, transactional and policy issues that arise in the educational environment.  HMBR has assisted colleges and universities, vocational schools, service providers, investment firms, education-related businesses, student lenders, accrediting agencies, education technology firms, and financial institutions in navigating the complex and heavily regulated area of education law.  While our primary focus is on post-secondary education, our lawyers also advise state education agencies, public school districts, private and charter schools, foundations and other entities working in elementary and secondary education. 

First-Hand Experience, First-Hand Understanding

Our team has first-hand experience in the legal environment in which educational institutions and businesses must operate.  Our team is comprised of attorneys who have worked in high-level public sector positions, including serving in senior capacities in the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for General Counsel, Office for Civil Rights and Office for Federal Student Aid.  Further, our legal professionals have also served in the U.S. Department of Justice, state education departments, as counsel or as board members to accrediting agencies, as head of organizational compliance and regulatory functions, and as in-house counsel to higher education institutions.  Our first-hand understanding of both perspectives of the regulatory framework uniquely positions us to meet the needs of our clients.  Our legal professionals also serve as tenured and adjunct professors, granting them a first-hand appreciation of the current environment of higher education institutions and the issues and concerns on the minds of educators and students. These experiences also allow us to effectively navigate our clients through complex regulatory matters, while being able to anticipate our clients’ concerns and needs. 

Higher education is at a crossroads of law and policy and many institutions have been placed in a position where they must rethink their missions, organizations and financial models.  Our attorneys routinely assist clients in structuring and executing the wide range of transactions needed to keep their organizations operating and moving forward, including financial and operational restructuring of their institutions, conducting real estate purchases and sale/leaseback agreements, and refinancing and other lending agreements.  In fact, our lawyers have handled some of the most challenging legal issues and innovative transactions in the field of higher education in recent years.  At HMBR, we are true problem-solvers who believe that our role as legal counsel is to think and act creatively and strategically, and work with clients to chart a path that allows them to achieve their institutional and business objectives.

Our Education Practice Scope

Our education law practice encompasses the following areas: