Data Privacy and Protection

Navigating Complex Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Challenges

The Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Practice at Hogan Marren Babbo & Rose, Ltd. is committed to helping clients implement proactive measures that ensure compliance with the law and reduce the risk of data breaches and other inappropriate disclosures of personal information.  We work with a diverse range of businesses and organizations operating across the health care sector and other industries.   At HMBR, we recognize that our clients are smart and creative individuals who expect their lawyers to provide definitive answers in an area where the law has not kept up with technology.  We also know that when issues surface, clients often look for advice that pushes the envelope and drives their businesses forward.  HMBR attorneys have the knowledge and experience to meet these demands – we think outside of the box and know how to bridge the gap between existing laws and the technology-driven world we live in today.  

Privacy and Cybersecurity Risk Mitigation Strategy

Our practice provides strategic advice on applicable privacy and security laws and regulations, including HIPAA, FTC and Part 2 (substance abuse) regulations, as well as Privacy by Design principles.  We work directly with our clients to craft data security governance and regulatory compliance programs that meet their evolving business demands and technology footprints.  In doing so, we go far beyond just following the rules – we help our clients develop comprehensive practices that are both legally compliant and ethically sound.

Transactions Involving Personal Information Assets

HMBR attorneys help clients navigate vendor contracts, service agreements, financing arrangements, mergers and acquisitions as well as other commercial transactions that involve the creation, collection, maintenance and use of personal information.  Our team takes a proactive approach in these matters – we ensure that the transfer of any data is properly accounted for in the documents and potential privacy and security risks are fully addressed and incorporated into the terms of the deal. 

Security Incident and Data Breach Response

The attorneys at our firm are well-equipped to help companies address both small- and large-scale security incidents and data breaches involving personal information.  When these events surface, our team advises clients across all phases of the breach.  We take quick action to assist clients in their recovery efforts and assist in identifying any and all individuals who may be affected by the breach.  Our lawyers also work with clients to develop and implement appropriate remediation strategies, such as credit monitoring services.  If required based upon the scale of the breach, our team will notify the appropriate federal and state government enforcement agencies and work to negotiate a prompt resolution of the matter.  When a final settlement is reached, we will provide ongoing support to assist our clients in fulfilling all requirements set forth in the agency’s corrective action plan.