Wage and Hour

Wage and Hour Claims and Disputes

Wage and hour issues involve a complex web of rules and regulations at the federal and state levels.  The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is the primary law in the U.S. governing wage and hour matters including minimum wage, recordkeeping and overtime pay requirements.  While the FLSA applies in all states, most states have adopted their own laws addressing minimum wage and overtime requirements.  

The labor and employment attorneys at HMBR have a comprehensive understanding of the laws and regulations applying to wage and hour matters.  We work with both employers and employees to address and resolve a full range of issues arising under the FLSA and companion state wage and hour laws, including:

HMBR lawyers work with employers to ensure they have the right policies and procedures in place to prevent wage and hour violation claims and lawsuits.  Cognizant that these types of matters can be very disruptive and burdensome, we are committed to helping our clients implement practices that identify and minimize their risks of exposure to wage and hour legal actions.  When an employer is targeted for audit or investigation by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) or a state labor department, we provide practical and strategic advice aimed at resolving the matter as expeditiously as possible, guiding our client throughout the process.  We are also prepared to defend employers in all types of wage and hour litigation brought before the DOL and in state and federal courts. 

In addition to representing employers, the attorneys in our Labor and Employment Practice help employees address and resolve FLSA violations.  When a problem occurs, we work directly with the employee to gather the information they may need to file a claim with the DOL.  Our lawyers counsel and support our clients at every step so that we can maximize their chances of receiving the full compensation they are entitled to.