Labor Management Relations

Working to Solve Labor-Management Problems

HMBR’s Labor and Employment Practice is well recognized for being instrumental in forming vehicles in which labor and management can work together to solve common problems.  Our attorneys have assisted clients in both the public and private sectors with the establishment of numerous labor-management initiatives, including labor management cooperation committees (LMCCs) and joint labor-management boards.  While our work has primarily involved LMCCs in the construction industry, our lawyers have also established labor and management cooperative endeavors within various other trades as well as cities and municipalities.

LMCCs and other types of labor-management cooperation programs seek to foster ongoing positive relationships between labor and management.  These initiatives create an environment in which labor and management can work together to achieve workplace efficiencies while addressing more global issues, such as healthcare, safety and training, apprenticeships and other matters which fall outside of the context of collective bargaining.  

At HMBR our labor and employment attorneys not only work with clients to create LMCCs, we are frequently called upon to continue our work by serving as ongoing counsel to the LMCCs.  Our lawyers act in an advisory role to the LMCCs, monitoring activities and helping to facilitate productive meetings and discussions.  We understand that strong labor-management relations are imperative to the successful operation of an organization and we are committed to helping our clients create a cooperative environment where labor and management can explore and resolve their problems in a peaceful and productive manner.