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Announcement of Fall Title IX Training Sessions

“Ensuring Equity and Due Process in Title IX Hearings:


Training for Hearing Panels and Hearing Officers”


The reviews are in for the new Title IX training provided by HMBR partner Debbie Osgood and colleague Rebecca Veidlinger (principal of her own law firm) for hearing panel members and hearing officers across the country.  Attendees from recent sessions found the training to be practical, informative, and especially helpful as institutions are looking to ramp up their hearing processes.  Sign up for your training session now!

Upcoming Training Options:


1.      Host an On-Site Training for Multiple Institutions: Host a training session on your campus for your staff and staff from other institutions – at a highly discounted rate for your institution.  Title IX implementers from over 25 institutions attended training this summer in Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky.  Upcoming trainings are being scheduled for Pennsylvania and northern Michigan.


2.      Host an On-Site Training for Your Institution: Host a training session on your campus specifically for your staff – for a flat fee.  Upcoming sessions are scheduled at the University of Virginia and the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. 


3.      Off-Site Training:  Send staff to an off-site training session. (Cost is $350 per person; group rate of $300 per person for groups of 4 or more.)

•       Michigan, October 7, 2019: this training will be held at Bay College in Escanaba, MI.  Register here.

•       Illinois – October 29, 2019:  This training will be held at the Chicago offices of Hogan Marren Babbo & Rose, Ltd.   Register here.

•       Additional Locations – TBD: We will update this training schedule as more locations are confirmed. 


For more information, please contact Sue Larson at or 312-540-4413.





Comments from Previous Training Sessions

“I appreciated the awesome examples, application and overall knowledge of training. Rebecca and Debbie were awesome presenters and complimented each other well with presenting this information.”

“The presenters were knowledgeable and had experience to add to the presentation.”

“Pace of the day was very good. Enjoyed the Q&A with the hearing panel.  Appreciated the insight given based on presenter experience.”

“Great resources (letter, opening remarks) and breakdown of the hearing process, specifically questions, credibility, legal review, reading investigation reports!”

“Very good discussion and practical advice.”

“It was a fantastic workshop! I’m very new to this so the information was thorough but still understandable. The topic is complex so thank you for such a great presentation.”

“I appreciated the lecture portions with other institutions weighing in. It was excellent.”

“Debbie and Rebecca – thank you for sharing your expertise! The training was definitely helpful as we navigate the possibility of moving toward a hearing panel. Much appreciated!”

“I really liked the combined experience that the presenters were able to bring into the workshop, shows real world applicability/current practices in the field.

“The role play-hearing panel was excellent! It allowed for everyone to understand format and how to decipher presented material.”

“I enjoyed hearing from two very informed, knowledgeable, seasoned professionals. You made it easy to follow and understand for the lay person.”

“The flow of the session was nice. I found the examples of how to word the investigation report/letter to be helpful. The hypothetical exercise was good to watch, and brought some the earlier points home.”









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