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As college and university leadership and administrators across the nation race to prepare for one of the most unprecedented fall semesters of their tenure due to COVID-19, another deadline has quickly arrived at their doorstep – the August 14, 2020 implementation date of the Final Title IX Regulations on Sexual Harassment.  The regulations require schools to make significant changes to their sexual harassment policies and procedures, organizational structures, training and recordkeeping provides in this area.

HMBR attorneys are uniquely suited, given their experience as former Department officials, to help colleges and universities successfully transition to the next phase in Title IX compliance.

TRAINING:  HMBR is providing Title IX Sexual Harassment Training in a webinar that we be presented on August 20, 2020 and then again on August 26, 2020.  HMBR is also available to provide training for specific institutions as well, upon request. Schools are required to provide impartial training to employees involved in the investigation and resolution process, including the Title IX coordinators, investigators, hearing officers, appeal decision-makers, and informal resolution facilitators.

RESOURCES:  HMBR’s new Title IX Compliance webpage includes information and helpful resources on the changes and requirements in the final 2020 Title IX Regulations on Sexual Harassment.

EXTERNAL TITLE IX SERVICES:  HMBR attorneys are available to provide external Title IX services such as serving as hearing officers, outside investigators, mediators, advisors, and/or training providers.  HMBR is also available to provide other legal services relating to Title IX, including general legal advice and counsel on Title IX issues, representation before the Department, and independent assessments and reviews.

For more information and helpful resources on changes and requirements in the Final Rule, visit HMBR’S Title IX Compliance webpage.

For more information about HMBR’s Title IX Training and external Title IX services, please contact Debbie Osgood, HMBR partner and former OCR National Enforcement Director. 

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