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Illinois General Assembly House Resolution HR0107 Adopted: a Memorial to Edward Hogan

A House Resolution was adopted by the Illinois General Assembly this month as a Memorial to Edward M. Hogan, one of our founding partners.  Ed passed away on February 16th. This is a wonderful tribute to Ed and his legacy as an esteemed and prominent figure in the legal field, and more importantly, as a  beloved family member and friend..

House Resolution HR0107 adopted on March 2, 2023:

    HR0107   LRB103 31241 MST 58241 r

2       WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3   Representatives are saddened to learn of the death of Edward
4   M. "Ed" Hogan, who passed away on February 16, 2023; and
5       WHEREAS, Ed Hogan earned his Bachelor of Arts from the
6   University of Notre Dame, his MBA from Loyola University, and
7   his Juris Doctor from the Chicago-Kent College of Law of the
8   Illinois Institute of Technology; and
9       WHEREAS, Ed Hogan and his brother, the Hon. Thomas L.
10   Hogan, started the law firm Hogan & Hogan in 1985; he, along
11   with his wife, Carol, and his friend and colleague of many
12   years, John P. Marren, formed a new firm to serve the labor and
13   health care communities in 1993; he was actively involved in
14   governmental, regulatory, and legislative issues in labor,
15   education, banking, real estate, and commercial law; he was
16   also involved in litigation and alternative resolution
17   activities on behalf of the firm's clients; and
18       WHEREAS, Ed Hogan served as chairman of the Board of
19   Trustees for Loretto Hospital; and
20       WHEREAS, Ed Hogan, who was affectionately referred to as
21   "Hoagy" by his nieces and nephews, was known for his easygoing



    HR0107 – 2 – LRB103 31241 MST 58241 r
1   personality, his constant smile, and his always being the
2   center of family gatherings; and
3       WHEREAS, Ed Hogan will be remembered for his commitment to
4   his family, especially to his late wife; and
5       WHEREAS, Ed Hogan was preceded in death by his wife, Carol
6   Collins Hogan
    , and his sister, Mary Ann (Richard Leusch); and
7       WHEREAS, Ed Hogan is survived by his brothers, Hon. Thomas
8   (Kathy) Hogan, Patrick (Ginny) Hogan, and Joseph (Maureen)
9   Hogan; his many nieces and nephews; and his many grandnieces
10   and grandnephews; therefore, be it
13   we mourn the passing of Edward M. "Ed" Hogan and extend our
14   sincere condolences to his family, friends, and all who knew
15   and loved him; and be it further
16       RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
17   presented to the family of Ed Hogan as an expression of our
18   deepest sympathy.
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