Entity Formation and Corporate Governance

Guiding Clients Through Entity Formation and Corporate Governance Matters

HMBR’s Corporate and Transactional Practice advises corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies and nonprofit corporations on the full scope of matters relating to entity formation and corporate governance.  Our attorneys understand that the selection of a legal entity is an important decision that will impact many aspects of the organization, ranging from taxation and liability protection to management and financing.  

Whether our client is considering structuring their business as a limited liability company (LLC), partnership, corporation (“S corp” or “C corp”) or other arrangement, we make every effort to ensure that their choice of entity provides an optimal foundation to achieve both their short- and long-term business objectives.  Our attorneys also assist clients in structuring the documents necessary to facilitate the proper organization of their businesses, including articles of incorporation, bylaws, operating agreements, partnership agreements and shareholder agreements.    

Best Practices for Corporate Governance

The attorneys in our practice regularly advise clients on a broad scope of corporate governance matters, ranging from the maintenance of corporate records, to the preparation of meeting minutes and consents, to the election and appointment of officers and directors.  While corporate formalities must be respected to maintain the special protections and rights afforded to corporations, we understand that there are times when a company may become lax in adhering to these formalities.  In these situations, our attorneys help clients take the appropriate steps to get their companies back on track.  We also advise companies who may be inefficient from a tax standpoint to implement the right procedures and strategies to become more tax efficient.

At HMBR, our corporate and transactional attorneys focus on helping clients see the big picture.  Many of the lawyers in our practice are experienced in litigating cases involving fiduciary and corporate governance matters, so we are well-positioned to help our clients establish comprehensive practices that protect their organizations from legal issues and challenges they may face, both today and in the future.