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Some Initial Thoughts at the Start of the Global Education Conference

I’m at Harvard University for the the Global Education Conference 2015 (follow on twitter #GlobalEdu2015) today and tomorrow.  I always enjoy this event – it has a wonderful mix of educators, technology providers and policy folks.  I’m particularly looking forward to the first panel today, Credentialing 2.0.  The panel features some great speakers, including Anya Kamenetz, the author of DIY U, and Eric Waldo, the Executive Director of Reach Higher, a current White House initiative, and with whom I worked in the Department of Education in the early days of the Duncan administration.

Overall, though, I’m interested to hear what so many smart people – speakers and attendees alike – are thinking and doing to combat the lack of education opportunity so many students in the US and globally have.

I will have more updates as the day goes on.

  Jun 18, 2015  |  By    |   On Education