Contract and Commercial Litigation

Protecting and Advancing Our Clients’ Commercial Interests

HMBR’s Commercial Litigation Practice offers a team of skilled litigators experienced in representing clients both as plaintiffs and defendants in complex contract and commercial disputes.  Our attorneys counsel and assist a broad base of clients, including healthcare providers, educational institutions, restaurants, municipalities, financial institutions, real estate companies and many other types of businesses.  Recognizing that conflicts in the business environment can be very costly and distracting, we work directly with our clients to find dynamic and flexible solutions that best serve their commercial goals. 

Litigating a Diverse Range of Controversies

The lawyers in our practice are highly accomplished trial attorneys who draw upon decades of collective experience to litigate a wide range of contract and commercial conflicts, including disputes involving:

While these types of conflicts and disputes are often inevitable in the commercial world, being pulled into litigation can place a tremendous strain upon both businesses and individuals.  When problems and controversies surface, HMBR lawyers take a strong position up front with the goal of settling the matter well before it proceeds to litigation.  There are times, however, when a resolution is unattainable and litigating the case may be in the best interest of our client.  In these situations, HMBR lawyers are prepared to aggressively advocate for our clients in state and federal court as well as alternative dispute resolution proceedings.  We are recognized as strong trial attorneys who are capable of going up against the largest and most powerful opponents to secure positive outcomes for our clients.